• Researchers say that by activating a cell that reduces essential tremors and involuntary shaking, cannabis may provide a new way to treat medical conditions that impact millions.


  • Throughout history, professional athletes have been punished by teams, leagues and the law for cannabis consumption. Several high-profile examples are listed below, showcasing just how serious such actions were viewed within the world of professional sports.


  • As wholesale cannabis prices continue to drop and states issue regulations to manage cultivation facilities’ energy usage, growers will need to find ways to operate more efficiently. A big piece of the efficiency puzzle is lighting, and utility rebates and incentives are available to help cultivators purchase and install more efficient lighting systems.


  • Health Canada has vowed to tighten regulations over industry concerns that medicinal cannabis is being diverted into the unregulated market. The update would see an increase in license refusals and revocations while creating new penalties for patients.


  • It is the central area of the phototaxis of plants, which can affect the morphology of plants, inhibits leggy growth, stimulate the anthocyanin of the plant, promote the color of the fruit/petal or leaf of the plant, and improve the quality.


  • For years, the popular image of cannabis growers has been scruffy hippies getting high on their own supply in a disorganized underground economy, rather than shiny white industrial agriculture facilities. Even larger-scale operations involved minimal quality control or lacked formal record keeping.