Notice | About Change of Company LOGO

Dear customers and partners:

Thank you very much for your continued support to Lite Science.
In order to further enhance the company's image, shape the industry brand, enhance brand recognition and communication, and improve brand influence and competitiveness, our company has decided to redesign and position the original logo, and the new logo will be officially used from now on.



Notice About Delivery Time

Dear Customers and Partners:
Affected by many factors, the global chipshortage has intensified. Our company has also successively received notifications from LED driver suppliers such as MEAN WELL and INVENTRONICSthat the delivery period of LED drivers is about 75 days. As the problem of tight chipsupply chain is difficult to solve in the short term, in order to ensure our delivery time and better serve our customers, we have prepared a certain amount of inventory in advance.



Good Job! Lite Science Purchasing New SMT Machine

With the improvement of the market recognition, our business maintain sustained,stable and high-speed growth. In order to meet the ever-increasing customer demand and ensure the production of high-quality products.Lite Science purchases a new batch of SMT (Surface Mount System) machines.



LED Vs HPS Grow Lights debate - Growing Marijuana

For many years, there has been a fierce debate between LED plant growth lights and HPS plant growth lights. However, with the new advancement in plant growth light technology, LED plant growth lights are becoming more and more powerful. They are more efficient than standard HPS or MH growth lights. Believe it or not, their yields are higher than ever.



Notice of National Day Holiday Arrangement

In accordance with government announcement, the arrangement for the National Day Holiday is as follows:

•  Oct 1, 2021 -- Oct 7, 2021: 7 days' National Day Holiday.
•  Oct 8, 2021 -- Coming back to work.

Please make reasonable plan and arrange the schedule before National Day Holiday.

If you have any inquiry or emergency during our holiday, please feel free to contact: sales@litescience.com or Call us: 086-15889798241



HELENOR Compact 680W LED grow lights for sale in September

Lite science selected a cost-effective grow light for promotion in September and appreciates our customers who have been supporting us.